What to expect from an INsight investigation:

A few important points:

-Every INsight member is background checked for felony convictions annually.  This is a requirement not only for our team, but is a stipulation of our continued membership in the TAPS Family network of teams.

-Please keep in mind that we cannot “prove” a location is haunted, as there is no way to prove a haunting.  What we can do is document anomalies and draw logical conclusions, so we can create a plan to address a resolution for you and your family.  However, we do not perform “cleansings” and cannot promise to “make a ghost go away.”  That is a promise that no team should be making.  We can empower you to change the energy within your home, something we strongly feel brings relief to families, and we can put you in contact with people who can perform the appropriate blessings/cleansings that you may wish to have done.

-We pledge to treat you and your home with respect, and will honor your confidentiality.  Before we start our investigation, we will discuss with you all of your confidentiality preferences, and get everything in writing for you.

-We will never charge you for your investigation.  This is important to us as a team, as a means of keeping investigations available to anyone who may need one.  We do accept donations, and do hold public events as fundraisers, but will never ask a client to pay us for investigating their home or business.



What to expect after contacting INsight:

-Whether you call or send an email, we pledge a quick response by our case manager.  We understand that it often takes courage to call and that our clients are often fearful.  By getting back to you quickly, we can begin addressing your concerns, and can begin putting your mind at ease.  As soon as you’ve contacted us, it is a good time to begin keeping a diary of events to document any activity in your home or place of business.  A simple Word document will work with a time, date and description of each event as it occurs.  This information can be useful to our team, should an investigation be scheduled.

-During the return call, our case manager will review all of the necessary information required to allow us to help you.  This information may feel intrusive and personal, and will include medical and mental health questions, as well as questions about the relationships between family members and others living in the home.  Please rest assured that any information provided is kept confidential, and is handled with the utmost professionalism.  We ask this information strictly in an effort to draw a complete picture of your situation, and will utilize it only in that manner.

-When our case manager has gathered all of the necessary information, our team will review the information to determine what the next appropriate step is for your case.  Not every case will progress immediately to an investigation.  We will, at times, require that you be cleared by your physician, or that a variety of appropriate permissions be acquired before an investigation is scheduled.  We firmly believe that our efforts to help you must be thorough, and therefore must often include these necessary steps.

-If it is determined that your case would be best addressed by an investigation, our case manager will be back in touch with you quickly to schedule an investigation.  She will discuss all of the guidelines for preparing for an investigation, as well as making sure you know exactly when our team will arrive.

-On the date of your investigation, you can expect our team to arrive promptly at the scheduled investigation time.  You can expect us to have 3-10 people with us, depending upon the size of the location.  Upon arrival, we will introduce ourselves, and take care of preliminary paperwork.  We will then review our case information with you, and ask for a tour of the property.  At this time, the INsight tech crew will be listening for appropriate places in which to point our cameras, as well as problem areas that might pose a safety hazard for our team.  The tour will consist of a lot of clarifying questions, and might seem exhaustive, but please keep in mind that our efforts are to get as much information as possible before we get started.

-Upon completion of the tour, the INsight tech crew will begin setting up our “home base” monitor station, as well our video recorder and cameras.  This will require running long lengths of wire throughout the location.  These wires will be secured with painter’s tape, which will peel off of painted surfaces and floors without damaging the surface or leaving adhesive residue.  You are welcome to watch this process, as well as to approve of the home base location in your home or business setting.  Also taking place at this time will be gathering of base-line data information, such as temperature and EMF readings.  To gather this information, INsight investigators will be walking through the location with meters, either taking oral notes into a recorder, or taking written notes of their readings.  Getting this information at the beginning of our investigation will allow us to take note of any fluctuations that may occur as we are investigating.

-Once our equipment is in place, our investigation will begin.  If you are staying on site, in most cases, our case manager will remain with you throughout the investigation.  This is so she can keep you informed as to what is going on, as well as to ensure that noise and activity levels remain low, so that the integrity of our investigation remains intact.  If you are leaving the location, we will be asking for a contact number we may use to contact you when our investigation is concluding.  The actual process of the investigation itself will vary from location to location, depending upon the reported activity and the location itself.

-Our investigation will last anywhere from three to six hours, or even longer, depending upon what is happening during our investigation.  Please understand that each investigation is but one window of opportunity for us to experience the events that you have reported.  If nothing happens while our team is on site, please know that we understand a return visit may be necessary. 

-Upon conclusion of the investigation, our team will carefully remove all of our equipment and return the location to its prior condition.  You will be asked to perform a walk-through with a team member, and will be asked to document and address any conditions that you find unsatisfactory at that time. 

-After the investigation, our team begins the data review process.  This process is extensive and tedious, and can take up to two weeks or longer, depending upon how active our case load is at the time.  At the conclusion of our data review, each investigator who was on-site for the investigation will submit their individual findings, and a comprehensive report will be completed.  This report will be reviewed by the team founder, and released to the case manager.  The case manager will then contact you to discuss your case results.  At that time, you may choose to have the case results and necessary file attachments emailed to you, or you may choose to schedule a return visit by INsight team members who will explain the results to you in person.  (For distance cases, the return visit option may not be available.)

-At this point, a plan of action is determined.  The course things take from here will depend upon our findings.  We often refer clients for grief counseling, or will bring in appropriate clergy to bless homes.  We believe in empowering clients to take back their own property, and strive to do what is necessary to bring peace back to your situation.  Please know that, whatever our recommendation, it is being made with the thoughtful consideration of what will be the very best way to assist you.