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Kristen Perkins - Founder INsight Paranormal Investigations

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the strange, the unique, the odd things that nobody else wanted to talk about.  My personal experiences began at a young age and have continued through adulthood, ranging from having brief OBE experiences and a surprise remote viewing episode, to having experiences with spirits in our home.  My “pivotal” experience happened in 1994, when my oldest son was an infant.  Experiences in the home included flashing lights and electronics, a pen rolling back and forth across the table, personal contact, and culminated in a dresser flying across a bedroom.  At this point, I knew I had a decision to make:  I needed to either find out more, or pretend nothing had happened.  At this point, research resources were slim, and the internet was just really emerging as a research tool.  By the time I moved to the Boston area in 2003, this had changed.  I researched and found a local team, while at the same time beginning work for an area team known as The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), working on their online message forum.  When I actually finally met the TAPS team, I remember being fascinated that people actually did that sort of research.  It was an illuminating moment for me.  Upon returning to Oklahoma, I briefly joined an area team, but found frustration in finding one that reflected my personal goals and ideals.  To meet that end, two close friends and I founded INsight Paranormal Investigations in 2006, and I have been running this amazing team since.  Our efforts have remained to stay committed to a science based form of research, while recognizing that we must include the use of our senses.  While we do not utilize psychics or mediums on our investigations, I’m a spiritual person by nature and firmly believe there will come a day when science and metaphysics will recognize they have more in common than first thought, and will see that all of our answers lie in a combination of the two.  My efforts within the paranormal community also include my role as the TAPS Family Manger, managing the largest global paranormal network in the world for The Atlantic Paranormal Society.  (  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, so it is a blessing and honor that part of my paranormal involvement also includes traveling and teaching methods of researching the paranormal for TAPS Institute.  To be able to combine my love of the paranormal with my passion for teaching is incredible.  This is something I also enjoy doing in my home state of Oklahoma with my team, INsight Paranormal.  What an amazing journey this has been so far, and it only proves to be more interesting, and more amazing with each passing day.

Update: In July of 2018, I was offered a job out of state that I had long dreamed of pursuing. In order to keep INsight moving in line with the original mission, I needed to put a director in place to run daily operations on site. The perfect person for this position is Stephanie Birdwell. Please continue reading team biography statements to find out more about her. The team is in terrific hands, and clients can have full confidence in the team under her direction.

Stephanie Birdwell - Director - Lead Investigator

To say my roots run deep in Moore, Oklahoma is an understatement.  I was born and raised here, met and married my husband here and, together, we have raised our son here.  I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a BS in Elementary Education and have been teaching in Moore Public Schools for 26 years.  I’m a cancer survivor, and devote much of my time and effort to supporting and speaking at Relay for Life events.  I first became interested in things I couldn’t explain when my young son began having dreams that would foretell events.  At first, they were simple things, such as seeing someone crying, and later finding that they had lost a pet.  The dreams became more frequent and detailed, until the unexplained sickness and extreme sadness at midnight on September 11, 2001.  He awoke that night with unexplained crying, upset to the point that he became physically ill.  I kept him home from school the next morning, and watched in horror as the news displayed the terror attacks before our eyes.  I knew I had to know more, and began researching a connection between his dreams and the events.  As I began to research, I found a world of paranormal information.  I waded through the scams, hoaxes and misinformation, and began to find good, quality theories.  At this point, my mother shared with me that I, too, had prophetic dreams as a child.  She felt it wasn’t good to encourage the dreams, however, and we didn’t discuss them.  When I met Kristen Perkins, and learned about her team, INsight Paranormal, my son and I decided to attend one of their events at a haunted theater.  We were able to learn investigation methods, and then try them out in the theater afterwards.  Shortly after that event, Ethan announced that he was joining a team that was going to be featured on a cable program.  A concerned mother, I followed along.  This is when I discovered the difference between quality paranormal investigation teams and those out to spread fear and glorified untruths.  After reflecting on both experiences, I contacted Kristen and asked if Ethan and I could become involved with INsight.  During the time that has followed, I have seen and experienced things that I cannot explain.  I have met people who are fearful of things they have experienced in their homes or businesses.  It is great to be part of a team that can operate professionally using science based methods to address the concerns for these clients. 

Jay Thomas - TAPS Family Liasion/Paranormal Investigator


I am the central liaison for the TAPS family, and I have been a paranormal investigator with Insight Paranormal since 2009. I am an elementary school science and technology teacher and a husband and father of two kids. My first experience with the paranormal was as a child when I saw something unexplainable. As an adult I realized what it could be and began to research the paranormal. I like to investigate with a scientific approach and I especially enjoy learning about the history of the places we investigate. Being a part of this team is one of the things I enjoy most.

Aubrie Hodson Bayless - Paranormal Investigator

Aubrie Hodson Bayless is a member of the paranormal investigation team INsight Paranormal Inc., which uses science and technology to investigate paranormal activity as an investigator. She believes it is important to keep an open mind while also looking for logical explanations into paranormal occurrences.

Aubrie also holds a master’s degree of science in clinical psychology and is a community mental health psychotherapist during the day. She is a member of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology and the Parapsychological Association and has been published for her research thesis: “Koko Creates Good Karma: Using Effective Materials Creates Positive Attitudes Towards Animal Cognition and Environmental Conservation”.

Additionally, Aubrie is the co-owner and Creative Director of Psychometric Studios Interactive, LLC,  a video game development company. She is also classically trained in dance and music and loves travel, the arts, and animals.

Michael Bayless

Michael Bayless - Paranormal Investigator

Michael is a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, being a software engineer by day and a videogame developer, business owner, freelance graphic designer, and actor by night.

He was first interested in paranormal investigation when he—as well as everyone else in his family and many of his friends—saw what appeared to be an apparition on multiple different counts in his home. While he found the occurrences remarkable, he is still a skeptic and is highly science-focused. He has degrees in both Biochemistry and Software Development and regularly tinkers with small electronics.

While relatively new to the team, he utilizes his thirst for scientific discovery and knowledge of scientific methodologies to help explain activity as accurately as possible.

Kristi Ayers - Paranormal Investigator

I can't say I've always been interested in the paranormal because there was a time I was downright scared to walk through my house at night, hang a foot or hand off the bed, and function normally after watching a scary movie. Of course, I was a small child at that time, and as I grew older I began noticing things that didn't make sense. Those peculiar things made me wonder about life after death. When I was 13-14 my cat had to be put to sleep at the vet's office and right after that I noticed a dark, cat-shaped shadow dart from room to room for at least a full week. I assumed my eyes were just used to seeing a cat around, even though in her old age she never ran or even played. (Much later I found out there were such things as ghost animals.) In my early twenties I grew to develop a love for everything spooky. That high-charged, creepy feeling you get after watching a horror film or a TV show about ghosts soon changed into curiosity. Could there really be ghosts? I knew that if there were then the spirit truly doesn't perish at the time of death. And that fact was comforting because I had lost my grandmother in 1995 and had a strong need to know she was okay. I got my sign one night, which included seeing something both beautiful and scary. I wanted to know what exactly I had seen and I wanted to see it again. I'd been trained as a Registered Nurse to look for detail, to perform tests until you get an answer, and I wanted to do just that with the paranormal. I discovered a couple people from Oklahoma on a forum in 2007 and soon met them as INsight Paranormal members. I was thrilled to join them and begin my journey into proving to myself that life does go on after death. I recently lost two people in my family and would venture to say that not all strange happenings come from ghosts, that they may also be spirits visiting from their heavenly home and letting you know they are still with you from time to time.

Members currently awaiting bio's and pictures:

Brian Willis - Paranormal Investigator

Sandra Scarborough - Paranormal Investigator

Skylar Shofner - Paranormal Investigator

Tim McGregor - Paranormal Investigator

Wayne Harris-Wyrick - Paranormal Investigator

Chickasha Chapter


Max Wagner - Co-Director/Lead Investigator

I was born in McAlester, Oklahoma and raised in Chickasha. I am married to my wife Morgan Wagner and we have 3 beautiful children, Heather, Haiden and Heath. I am a photographer/videographer.

I have been investigating the paranormal since I was 17 years old and have had paranormal experiences my entire life. The most active time in my life was from the ages of 13 years old to 19 years . I lived in a haunted house growing up and had the majority of my experiences while living there and that is what really got me interested in paranormal investigating. After growing up in homes with paranormal activity that occurred on almost a daily basis, I needed to figure out the “why” behind the experiences. Since that time, I have investigated claims of paranormal activity all over the state of Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Kentucky.

Lisa Hatchett - Co-Director/Lead Investigator